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The last chapter of our journey!

Below you will find all necessary information regarding your final examination. Do not forget to look at the attached links, where you will find a lot of additional information.



Your teacher, during the last lesson, decides, if your driving skills and knowledge are good enough to sign you for your final exams.


If so, the driving school will request the date of the final examination of professional competence (hereinafter referred to as examination) at locally competent authority with extended powers as soon as possible after the due completion of training. The dates of examinations are assigned to the driving school by a locally competent authority with extended powers and the driving school cannot intervene in their planning.


You will be always informed about the date of the examination well in advance. 


If your skills are not good enough, the teacher determines how many extra lessons are needed for improvement.

The final exam consists of two parts:



Theoretical part


Keep in mind that you must have an identity card or residence permit on all parts of the final exam.



The written test is in electronic form on the computer. The program will generate a unique test for every Applicant for a driving license. The test contains 25 questions differently ranging from 1 to 4 points. Each question has three possible answers and just one answer is the correct one. The maximum number of possible points is 50. For successful completion, you must get at least 43 points (85%). The exam takes 30 minutes and is in Czech only. If you do not understand Czech, the driving school can arrange an interpreter for you.


All possible test questions can be found on Ministry of Transportation official website.


If you want to try online tests in English, click HERE.



The theoretical exam takes place at City of Prague City Hall, Department of Examining Commissioners,
Nad Vršovskou horou 88/4, Praha 10.


Practical (driving) part


In order to get to the practical part of the exam, the applicant must first pass the written exam. Exams are not done in one day. The practical part takes place by the Driving school King office. This part also takes 30 minutes.


The exam is in Czech again, but teachers are usually allowed to translate examiners commands.

Tips for mastering your final examination.

Summary of oral questions for the practical exam.

If you fail the test, you can take the rectification test no earlier than 5 working days after the previous trial, however, taking into account the availability of exam dates and deadline slots, it is necessary to expect a longer interval. The number of trials is limited to 2 remedial tests (3 trials in total), all of which you must complete within 12 months of the first attempt.. Otherwise it is necessary to complete the whole training in driving school again.



Pricing and fees


As of January 7th, 2006 a government fee of 700 CZK has to be paid to the municipal authority for the examination procedures as outlined in law number 247/2000 Sb. §39 and has to be paid at the municipal authority cashier. 

100 CZK fee applies for the re-take of the rules and regulations exam, A 200 CZK fee for the re-take of the manipulation and maintenance exam, a  400 CZK fee for the driving exam re-take. All have to be paid to the municipal authority officers as outlined in law number 247/2000 Sb. §39 and has to be done so at the municipal authority cashier.


Interpreter fee: 2.500 CZK


Driving school fees for re-tests: Theoretical exam 400 CZK, Practical exam 500 CZK (600 CZK since February 1st, 2020).



Non-EU nationals are required by law to have a long-term or permanent residence permit to be allowed to be issued the driving license. You cannot be issued a driving license sooner than 6 months after the confirmation of residence permit issue date. But don’t worry - you can use the time to study properly.

According to the law, EU citizens do not have to be holders of temporary residence permit but they need to submit a document which shows their family or personal ties to the Czech Republic in order to issue a driving license. It means, submits documents such as confirmation of studies, contract of accommodation, agreement of owning property in the Czech Republic, trade license etc.

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