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Below you can find the most useful tips and tricks for passing the final practical (driving) exam.


Please take a moment of your time and read some tips to successfully pass your exam.


Your driving test is the one test you can never prepare for enough, there is no number of lessons, no manuals detailed enough or internet video’s thorough enough to prepare you for the unpredictability of driving on the roads.


What we can do though is ensure that you have been provided with most useful information in your preparation by providing you with some tips which will ensure that you pass your driving test the first time.

Before you go


Adjust the position of the seat so that you have a good view out of the vehicle and can safely control it. Check your mirrors and do not forget the center mirror. Always attach the seat belt. Turn on the lights. Be sure to release the handbrake and wait for further instructions.


Exit from the parking lot


You will often start the final exam from the parking lot or from the sidewalk on the street. Do not forget to look into the mirrors properly and use the direction indicators to get the other drivers to know your intention. Before you go, check in the mirror again that no one is coming.


Use mirrors


Use mirrors all the time. Look around. The mirrors are not in the car for a parade but to increase your safety. Mirrors give you an overview of the situation behind you or next to you. Do not look just ahead, but look around also.


Permitted speed


Always, and especially during the test, adhere to the speed limits. The usual speed in the city is 50 km/h. During the test, it is better to go a little slower so you do not exceed the speed limit. For a roundabout, slow down to 20 km / h or stop. Similarly, in narrow aisles. Do not drive too fast, do not drive too slow.

Shifting gears

If you have an exam on a vehicle with manual transmission, remember that in addition to the correct shifting, you must also downshift. Using only the first two gears is also not correct. Modern vehicles have at least 5 forward gears. Don't be afraid to use them.




Always allow pedestrians to cross pedestrian crossings. Do not run over orange on the traffic lights. If the bus leaves the stop, you have to let it go. At STOP sign, you always have to stop completely, even though there is no car anywhere.




Use indicators every time you change lanes. Be sure to check the mirrors in time. Every time you overtake an obstacle, mirrors and indicators have to be used as well. Enlarge your attention to solid lines that you can not cross. 

Ending the ride

At the end of the test, you will park. Choose a large enough space, do not park in small places. If you fail to park for the first time, just stay calm and try to park again. At the end of the exam, shift to neutral, pull the handbrake and turn off the engine.

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